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NATION IC Vendbart

Nation IC Top swing reversible window


Top swing windows are most commonly used in multi-storey structures and in single storey buildings where cleaning from the inside is necessary. By reversing the sash it makes this the safest and most useful type of window for cleaning from inside a building.


Top swing windows are constructed with a top reversible hinge with the mechanism mounted in the jambs of the sash. The window is equipped with a safety catch that restricts opening. The sash can be swung through about 170° and held in place securely in the reversed position so that the outside glass can be reached from the inside. The sash is held shut by a single handle that operates a multi locking point espagnolette with a night vent position.

  • Product information:
  • Uw: Double: 1,32 W/m²K | Triple: 0,77 W/m²K
  • Glass dimensions: Double (28 mm): 4-20-4 | Triple (48 mm): 4-18-4-18-4
  • Styling bar: 22/23 mm og 42 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 50 x 122 mm / 149 mm / 175 mm / 210 mm
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