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Futura+ Glas-til-glas

Futura+ Glass to glass corner window


The glass to glass corner unit is used as an architectural feature where maximum light can penetrate the structure from two sides avoiding heavy looking profiles. This is essential for areas where the view from the building should be emphasised.


The glass to glass corner is essentially a fixed light with two panes of glass jointed vertically at 90° to each other. This is not a load bearing frame.

  • Product information:
  • Uw: Double: 1,31 W/m²K | Triple: 0,74 W/m²K
  • Glass dimensions: 30 mm (4-22-4) | 44 mm (4-16-4-16-4)
  • Styling bar: 22/22 mm, 53 mm og 116 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 50 x 149 mm / 175 mm
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