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Frame IC Indadgående Pladedør

Frame IC Nation IC Inward opening flush door


Inward opening flush doors are used in rooms with direct access to the outside from, for example, a stairway, utility room, hall or porch. The doors have the advantage of allowing people to pass by on the external side of the door, for example, used in facades in densely built-up areas facing pavements, stairs etc. Inward opening flush doors are typically used as entrance doors.


Inward opening flush doors are available with a smooth door leaf or with grooves and/or vision panels in various shapes for glazing. Flush doors are available both as single doors with or without fixed sidelights and as double doors.

  • Product information:
  • UD: 0,73 W/m²K
  • Glass dimensions: Double (28 mm): 4-20-4 | Triple (48 mm): 4-18-4-18-4
  • Styling bar: 22/23 mm og 42 mm
  • Frame dimensions: 50 x 122 mm / 149 mm / 175 mm
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