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Tilt-turn window


The tilt before turn windows are primarily used in multi-storey structures including tower blocks due to their method of operation and durability. The tilt function allows for everyday ventilation whilst the turn function is used for cleaning of the outside glass from inside the building. This is one of the safest styles of window for cleaning. This window type is also available as tilt only, typical for basement windows and where the width exceeds the height by 20%.


The tilt-turn window is inward opening with both a side and bottom hung function. Both opening functions are controlled by the same espagnolette mechanism controlled by a single handle on the side of the sash. When the window is closed, the handle is in the downwards position. The tilt (bottom hung) function is achieved by turning the handle 90° into the horizontal position and the side hung function by turning the handle to the 180° upright vertical position. The handle on a tilt only window is placed centrally in the top of the sash.

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